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Food Does Matter

December 30, 2010

As time goes by, more and more individuals are taking control of their health. People have been for some time now realizing that the medical profession isn’t up to date with the benefits of eating super foods,raw foods, or alternative foods. So it is up to the individual to educate themselves and take charge of their health by eating the necessary foods that will enhance longevity. I myself believe as many alternative physicians that a diet of raw foods and vitamin supplementation can extend your life span and increase your vitality.

So many of you are thinking that such a drastic change in your diet will be a difficult adjustment. You need to take baby steps when making drastic changes in your lifestyle. The changes should be done on a week to week basis. For example, a huge problem in many of American’s diet is that we consume too much bread. You need to cut back on the number of bread slices you eat per week. If you are eating 12 slices a week, then you should be able to cut back 2 slices a week until you get down to 4 slices a week.

Remember to always consult with a physician before making changes in your diet. Eat more natural foods and you will soon find yourself feeling and looking better than ever.  If you like to comment on our website please do…we enjoy comment on this and future postings. If you are a medical or alternative physician, we would also like to hear your viewpoint here. 

Whether you are a man or a woman you need to see this short video.


Dr Anthony

Students Complete Medical Tourism Course

December 29, 2010


Congratulations to the  students completing the Medical Tourism Course offered by DHU.

Dr Anthony taught and developed the curriculum. The Medical Tourism Course gave a better

understanding about global medical tourism and what to expect from this industry in the near future. Many countries

are now offering medical procedures at substantial savings to the customer/patient.  Many medical procedures not being properly covered by private insurance are now being offered by countries like Korea, Thailand, India, Philippines, etc to meet increase demands from prospective clients.



Dr Anthony

Call for Articles and Papers

December 27, 2010


Call for Articles ! We are seeking articles or papers from anyone that has a

passion for any topic. We welcome contributors from any country.

There are no deadlines for submissions. If we decide that we like your

article or paper, we will publish it on our website. Submissions can be

sent to

Dr Anthony visits Hanseo University

December 26, 2010


Dr. Anthony (  was cordially invited to meet with Dr. HanSuk Jung, head of Dept. of Chropractic at Hanseo University to discuss recent developments concerning the newly accredited Chiropractic program. Hanseo’s Chiropractic program was accredited on October 18th, 2010 by the Council on Chiropractic Education Australasia(CCEA) paving the way for continue growth and promoting excellence for chiropractic education.

Graduates completing the  chiropractic  program at Hanseo University will be able to apply for a chiropractic doctor’s license compatible to other accredited chiropractic educational establishments. Graduates will be able to open their own clinics in foreign countries such as USA, Australia and Europe. 

For further information concerning Hanseo’s Chiropractic Program

contact :

HanSuk Jung, DC, PhD
Dept. of Chiropractic, Graduate School of Health Promotion
Tel: 82-41-660-1873
Fax: 82-41-660-1815