Your Number One Fan Is You

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Your number one fan is yourself.  When it comes to motivation, you need to find the right atmosphere to keep your spirits up.  Your determination requires your utmost attention.  Many of us fall victim to the criticisms of close friends and family.  The general public doesn’t understand your potential and are more likely not to back you up in realizing your dreams.  So many of us are so close to fulfilling our goals but we give up too soon and fall prey to the negativism that surrounds us.  So how do we protect ourselves from this and guarantee that we succeed in establishing our worth in our jobs, in our family, to our friends, in our schools, or in anything we apply ourselves to.

All too often many of us believe we do not deserve to be successful, Are we afraid that we will not succeed? Are we are afraid that we may not be able to maintain that level of success for very long?  What you need  is a formula that works for you, that is unique and delivers results every time.  For each and every one of us that success formula comes from experience and perseverance.  You need to say to yourself that this time you will follow through and complete your task.  No matter what people tell you or what your closest friends tell you, these people don’t realize that they are holding you back.  So we cannot waste time trying to convince people around us that this is what we want and we feel we can succeed at it.  Some times it is best to to keep these goals of life to yourself.

Yes it is very tempting to share our ideas with people around us but you have to realize not everyone wants exactly the same things.Unless of course you you’re working within a team focused on one goal, this usually occurs at the company level.  But what I’m talking about here are personal goals and normally these goals don’t include any one else but yourself.  How hungry are you?  How sick and tired are you seeing everyone else around you get ahead?  Are you happy where you’re at?

 So many times I have seen people appeared to be happy and after talking to them for a few minutes I realized they are missing something.  And that something is passion for what they are doing, passion for living, passion for the next sunrise, passion for experimenting with new things.  There is no excitement in their words and there seems to be a sadness lurking right behind them.  It doesn’t have to be that way and you can change all this, you simply have to say to yourself I want to change and you do it step-by-step.  Change doesn’t happen overnight, it occurs with little baby steps and the results trickle in as raindrops.  I myself have found plenty of motivational literature in the search engines Google, Yahoo, Bing, AltaVista, Excite, AOL, Lycos, MSN,Cuil, Ask,Dogpile, Icerocket,Alibaba, and Galaxy.  So what are you waiting for?  Today’s the day for change and you will not take no for an answer any more.  I have included below a list of motivation literature for your review.  I like to hear from all of you and get your ideas on ways to motivate yourself and others.  Remember you are in the driver’s seat and no longer will you be satisfied simply being a passenger along for the ride.

That’s my comment, pass it on.
Dr. Anthony

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The 8 Pillars of Motivation

Product By The 8 Pillars of Motivation


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